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Carla and I met in elementary school, St. Pius V School in Lynn, Massachusetts. We never really hung out but we had lots of friends in common and she was really good friends with my friends.  She was a whole grade older if you know what I mean. Then fast forward from St. Pius to Emerson College. It's funny because our college couldn't have been more different than our Catholic elementary school.  We went from Sr. Agnesca, who couldn't have been more strict to our pot-smoking college professors teaching us about...life and then some. 

We both did some time in the entertainment biz, LA, Atlanta, NY. 

Our journey brought us back together and we realized that we both have similar values - work hard, be creative and make joy out of every day. 

Like the Joy of cleaning chalk board erasers - that's where probably got started learning our values by the thrill of cleaning erasers - nothing like chalk dust all over that blue vest to teach you that working hard isn't all that bad and can be kinda funny. 

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Carla Scheri

Carla Scheri has enjoyed a long and varied career in the Entertainment Industry acting as project manager on commercials and feature films as well as multiple marketing and promotion positions in the music business. It was during her time at independent not-for-profit label Daemon Records that she learned the true value of community building and the positive effects that accessible arts & culture have on a city. Upon returning to her home state of Massachusetts, Carla started her career in the non-profit world as Special Projects Coordinator for the Lynn based housing agency Centerboard. Throughout her career, Carla has learned the value of keen organization, to-do lists and a penchant for keeping all of the parts moving in the same direction. To learn more about Carla and her work, visit www.kickitupconsulting.com



Karen started her career in the entertainment industry but quickly transitioned from film to technology. This is her side hustle - in the past she's lead design strategy and user experience at Microsoft as well as her own consulting practice. Check out her design strategy and corporate work on her professional site www.kangelli.com



Aggie is our new heat press, and is named after our most memorable teacher at St. Pius - Sr. Agnesca. She was the most feared nun and teacher of all. But she taught us the value of always being curious, paying attention to details, and setting high standards.

And this poem that all her former students know to this day -

"A book is like a magic box, brimful of lovely treasures. One quaint old fashioned key unlocks good gifts in generous measures."